Got a Minute? The New Horizons Team Has The Answers to Your Questions

Pluto In A Minute is hosted by Amy Teitel.

The New Horizons spacecraft is now about 20 million kilometers (12 million miles) from the Pluto system and taking its last images with the Long Range Reconnaissance Imager (LORRI). The most recent images were released last Friday but already some of us are having withdrawal symptoms - we want more images! I'm sure we need not worry, as Alan Stern recently reminded us, "With only 5% of data [received], we need to fasten our seat belts for the next 95%."

What to do in the meantime? If you have a minute, the New Horizons team has put together a series of videos that answer some of the more common questions about Pluto and New Horizons. Each episode was written, produced and hosted by Amy Shira Teitel (a spaceflight historian) and shot at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.

Episodes are available on Youtube. Enjoy, I sure did!

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