Pluto Safari is your interactive guide to the first mission to Pluto, the last unexplored planet. It's a free app powered by SkySafari, the next-generation award-winning astronomy app designed for iOS and Android. A MacWorld Best of Show and a Sky & Telescope Hot Product!

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We are known to travel to distant worlds, but we always get your message! Discuss mission news, chat with other Pluto mission enthusiasts, and share your thoughts on the Pluto planethood demotion.

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The universe at your fingertips

SkySafari takes your exploration of Pluto and the night sky to the next level. A powerful planetarium that fits in your pocket, it puts thousands of stars and planets at your fingertips. It lets you find objects in the sky using your device's built-in compass and accelerometer. It includes hundreds of astronomical images, and contains encyclopedic descriptions of the constellations, stars and planets.

With SkySafari Plus and Pro, you can leave the Earth behind, and fly into orbit around other objects in the solar system. Go beyond New Horizons and explore other historical space missions such as Pioneer and Voyager. Spaceflight has never been so easy!

SkySafari for iOS and Android comes in three versions - Basic, Plus, and Pro. All three versions work on phones and tablets. And all three versions are exclusively available on the Apple App Store or our Google Play Android Astronomy App Store.

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Simulation Curriculum develops and publishes best-in-class simulation software and curriculum for the K-12 and College markets world-wide. Our mission is to help fill the need for high quality, accurate simulation-based curriculum for topics in Astronomy, Earth Sciences and beyond. Our award-winning flagship products, Starry Night and SkySafari, are world leading digital planetariums for desktop and mobile devices.

To access the full features of Pluto Safari please download the FREE app for iOS from the Apple App Store or Pluto Safari: New Horizons for Android from Google Play.

Alternatively, if you have SkySafari or Pluto Safari installed you could download the simulation settings file here.